What is Leadership Residency?

A Leadership Residency is a one year self-funded apprenticeship with Oakbrook Ministries. (More on the money below) The goal of the residency is help train and equip leaders to create reproducing movements of churches. A Leadership Residency is an intensive one-on-one experience where the resident spends up to a year apprenticing directly with a Campus Pastor, Lead Pastor or Lead team Member at an Oakbrook Ministries location, or network partner NewThing church. A residency is much more than just working together.  It is learn how to do life in ministry.  It's an intensive year of ministry in a multi-campus environment.

Oakbrook Ministries is a Network Leader through NewThing, which is a global network of reproducing church movements.  (www.newthing.org) During their year long residency, the resident will have one-on-one experience in the local multi-site church context with Oakbrook Ministries and have teaching and connection to the global NewThing network.

Who Are Leadership Residents? 

Leadership Residents are people planning and preparing to launch their own church or reproducing movement of churches. Oakbrook recruits, trains and releases these residents to lead churches of impact. While every calling is unique, we primarily seek people for residency who want to plant a new church or campus. 


Leadership Residency is a full time experience.   This would mean working a full 40 hour week.  You will have a primary focus of ministry that is yours to lead, then you'll spend approximately 4 hours per week in a classroom type environment.

Leadership Residency is self funded, which means residents raise their own support for the year.  This is an intentional choice because raising money will always be a part of leading churches.  Your coaching will begin in the months leading up to your full time residency to help you navigate these fundraising conversations.  As for housing, Oakbrook Ministries has a Residency House located 15minutes from the main campus.  The Resident House is open at no charge to all Full Time Residents.

We don't accept everyone.  We're on the look out for men and women who have a call on their life to lead reproducing movements of churches and campuses.  By clicking below you'll begin the application process.  Here's what that process looks like:

1. Application: (click the button below)
2. Assessment: We use assessments and an in-person interview to determine if you're the right fit for residency.
3.  Acceptance:  You'll receive confirmation you've been accepted to the program and connected with your coach