Our hope for everyone who engages with our church is that they would view church as more than just a place to attend. We want everyone to “own” and help move forward the mission of the church. This is because when you own something, you are invested in it. You do whatever it takes to grow and improve it. We believe every Jesus-follower should belong to a local church and take ownership of that church.

Discover Ownership is a 45 minute environment where you can explore what it means to become an Owner at Oakbrook. You’ll hear about the essential practices and commitments we ask Owners to make and be invited to take your next step in getting involved at Oakbrook. You can RSVP below:



Owners are the core people at Oakbrook who are ALL IN.  They give, serve, invite and are connected in groups.  Owners help shape the vision of what this movement is becoming and are literally the ones who turn that vision into a reality.

We’ve designed our Ownership Pathway to help make it easy for you to continue taking your next step from Guest to Owner. To become an Owner at Oakbrook, you attend the following environments making commitments along the way:

First Step

A 45 minute experience that shares the vision, values, mission and story of Oakbrook and helps you discover your place in the story.

Second Step

A series of three 45 minute experiences that explore what it looks like to follow Jesus through groups, serving, and giving.  At the end of the final experience you'll be invited to attend Discover Ownership.


A 45 minute experience that explores what it means to become an Owner.  You'll be able to ask questions and get answers. At the end of the experience you'll be invited to become an owner.

Have you been around Oakbrook for years and interested in becoming an owner?   Not sure where to jump in?  Want to know more about this before you commit?  Hit the button below to ask us a question about Ownership: