Welcome to Oakbrook Kids!

Thanks for saying yes to Oakbrook Kids and their families! You are a part of helping the next generation discover who God is and who He made them to be.

Watch all the videos for the age group you'll be serving below.  The videos will explain to you the big picture of what we do with each age group, what a morning looks like, and how to use the app for curriculum.

Welcome to the team!

Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

What is First Look?

First Look Basics

Oakbrook Elementary

Introduction to 252 Basics

Seven Segments of 252 Basics Curriculum

Oakbrook Kids Parent Connect

Oakbrook Kids has a parent Facebook group where we post updates and reminders about what’s going on in Oakbrook Kids!  You can click below to check them out!


Birth-PreK Facebook
Elementary Facebook


Birth-PreK Facebook
Elementary Facebook


Birth-PreK Facebook
Elementary Facebook