Helping Kids Find and Follow Jesus


Oakbrook Kids is an experience that happens every Sunday for Infants-5th Graders. While you are enjoying the experience in the main auditorium, your children are having a BLAST in Oakbrook Kids!  Use the buttons below to grab some more info about upcoming events or to pre-register your kids for an upcoming service.  Continue scrolling for more information about Oakbrook Kids.


No matter what location you visit, we've made sure that Oakbrook Kids is a secure environment so you never have to worry about your children's safety. Every volunteer who serves goes through an extensive background check and is trained to help your child learn about what it means to live like Jesus. To create a secure environment, each classroom door is locked once the classes begin and remain locked until the service is over.


Upon arriving on Sunday morning, you'll check in at one of our 3 kiosks.  You simply enter your phone number, select the children you're checking in, and we will print labels for you to keep and to stick on your kids!  These labels will have your unique code for that Sunday. If you child needs you during the service you'll receive a text directly to your phone.  Parents must present their unique label when picking children up from their classroom or program area.


On Sundays, your children will hear an awesome story from the Bible and have a blast learning about Jesus. But beyond our Sunday experience, we want to join with you in teaching your children about Jesus. As parents, you are the most important influence in your child's life. Our goal is equip you to lead your children in a growing relationship with Jesus.  So throughout the year we create environments and tools to help you do just that. 

  • Private Facebook Pages for parents

  • Weekly email with what your child is learning!

  • Parent Queue APP connected with your child's weekly curriculum

Birth-Graduation Content Timeline

From Birth to High School graduation, Oakbrook has a plan to step your kids through important conversations and partner with you at each phase so you know what your kids are learning and know how to engage them at home.  Each environment is designed specifically age appropriate with how each age of child best learns.  Click here for more information about both the PreK and Elementary environments.