Q: What age groups do you have groups for? 

A: Every age!  We believe all of us have been created by God to live in relationship with other people.  So from kindergarten, to elementary, to middle & high school, to every age and demographic of adult, we have groups.  After you click "Try A Group" below, you'll be able to let us know more about yourself so we can get you connected with the best possible group for you! 

Q: What do you actually do in a group? 

A: It's simple really:  You'll meet at a group members house, or at Oakbrook.  Often groups eat together and you'll watch a video that will get everybody thinking about the topic. You'll have a conversation about what you watched, pray together and head home.  Groups are also encouraged to volunteer together in the community, so there will be some awesome opportunities throughout the year to serve those in need in our city.

Q: Will I have to bare my soul? 

A: Nope!  At Oakbrook, we create environments that are for all sorts people, not just "church people".  So if you can't recite an entire book of the Bible from memory or know all the right lingo, no worries! Groups are an great place to connect with people and discover what it looks like to live more like Jesus, not matter where you are at spiritually.