Giving is a journey that everyone is on. Whether you don’t give at all, give a little or give a lot, it is a process of trusting God. Every BEYOND giving story is unique. No matter how much you give, our prayer is that God will meet you on this journey so you can see your faith grow in new ways.

New Giver

Going from nothing to something is a big step, but it is transformational. As you take a step of faith, God will start moving and you'll see Him work in your life and the lives of others. And you’ll grow spiritually as a result.

EXAMPLE: Michael is a new believer. He has been growing in several spiritual disciplines, including giving. It is a huge step of faith, but Michael plans on committing 5% of his $50,000 annual income – $2,500 – each year for the duration of BEYOND, plus he has decided to sell a collection of his DVDs on eBay for $150. In total his gift is $5,150.


You are not opposed to giving to church, but your giving is irregular and not intentional. Why not prayerfully choose a percentage and start giving intentionally to God and see what He does?

EXAMPLE:  Jennifer is not opposed to giving to the church. She just isn’t consistent in doing so. Looking over her recent giving she feels led to cut back on some spending and be intentional about giving consistently. Her plan is to increase her usual annual giving of $500 by $1,250, bringing her to 5% of her $35,000 annual income – $1,750 per year. She has also decided to donate the money she was saving for a weekend trip of $500. Her total gift is $4,000 to BEYOND.

Regular Giver

You give but haven’t begun to tithe. You’re now ready to take that next step. This may require some lifestyle changes, but obedience is always worth it.

EXAMPLE: Paul and Rebecca have given consistently to the church at a steady rate of 6%. With a combined income of $120,000, they contribute $7,200 each year. BEYOND however, has prompted them to increase that to 10%. They believe it is what God is calling them to do. Paul and Rebecca are now planning to give $24,000 to BEYOND over the next two years as their tithe. They have also decided to give a portion of their savings totaling $2,500. Their total gift to BEYOND is $26,500.


You’ve developed the discipline of tithing and have seen God’s provision again and again. You are ready for a next step in this area, you want to give, beyond duty to generosity.

EXAMPLE: Carlos developed the discipline of giving years ago and has seen God’s provision again and again. He is blessed to be at a church that shares his passion for outreach and helping those in need. Carlos’ annual salary is $70,000 and he is committing to increase his annual giving from the tithe to 11%. This will bring his annual gift of $7,000 to $7,700 for a two year total of $15,400. He has also decided to add a gift from his stock portfolio of $5,000 totaling a gift of $20,400 to BEYOND over the next two years.


This is for those already generously giving beyond the tithe. You’ve experienced the fulfillment of God’s promises and provisions. You’re ready to take your next step into obedient generosity. But it is still a challenge and will require faith.

EXAMPLE: Judith loves to give of her time, talents and resources. She has given 15% of her $90,000 annual income ($13,500) to the church in recent years, but is inspired to increase the annual amount to $15,000. A company she invested in years ago is no longer of interest to her, so she is selling her shares and giving the proceeds to the church, yielding an incredible gift of $40,000 to BEYOND.