Choosing to Foster Together

Right here in Indiana, there are hundreds of kids in need of placement in homes and many existing foster families that could use support. Together, we can make a difference in Howard, Carroll and Miami County.

How can I get involved?

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Join The Care Team (Button Below)
    This is the ideal first step to support a Foster Family.
    Are you someone who has the capacity to do the following:

    • Mentor and encourage children who are in foster care

    • Mentor and encourage parents who are fostering

    • Provide support, prayer, meals, etc. as needed to help support foster families

  2. Become A Respite Family
    Are you someone who has the capacity to:

    • Be an “aunt and uncle” to a child or children in foster care

    • Be available for overnight care as needed to support the Foster Family and give them a break.

    • Support a Foster Family by providing day/evening support a couple times a month

    • Attend a more extensive training session.

  3. Become A Foster Family
    Are you someone who has the capacity to:

    • Have children who are often different from your own come to live with you for days, weeks, or months while their birth family works to correct issues that stand in the way of their relationship with their children?

    • Can you imagine coaching and encouraging a parent who has lost their child into state custody?

    • Make yourself available to fully embrace and love this child or children for whatever amount of time they are with you?

Fostering Informational Meeting - June 2nd in Kokomo

Immediately following the 10am service in Kokomo, The Villages will host a Fostering info meeting where you can ask questions, figure out the best next step for you and more. Please RSVP below:

Already a Foster Family?

If you are already a foster family but have not connected with us yet, connect with us now by clicking the button below!