Q: What is an internship?

A: Internships at Oakbrook are life-changing internship experiences for young adults, inside an environment of excellence, high-production, development, and learning.

Q: What is the purpose of the internship?

A: The purpose is to prepare you for your life's work.  We focus on 4 key elements: Leadership Development, Spiritual Development, Personal Development, and Professional Development

Q: What is the application timeline?

A: After you apply, a member of the team will contact you and schedule an interview within 2 weeks of your application being received.

Q: What is the length of the internship?

A: Full-Time internships are 9 months, either September - May or January-August.  All holidays and spring break are off. Part-Time internships are 9-12 weeks, June-August. 2-3 weekday nights off and some weekends off, as well as 4th of July.

Q: What ministry areas are available for the internship?

Pastoral Leadership: Focus on point leadership as seen through leading a church/campus.  Focus through Lead Pastor, Student Ministries & Children's Ministries.

Creative Arts Leadership: Focus on Web Design & Development, Video Production, Content Writing, Communications, Graphic Design, Storytelling, Worship Leading, Lighting, Live Production.

Operational Leadership:  Focus on Administrative leadership, HR, Financial Operations, Information technology, Church operations, Training & Development, Staff leadership, Campus network operations.

Q: Will I be on my own?

A: Each intern is matched with a mentor.  This mentor is a trained Oakbrook Church staff member who is specifically devoted to pouring his or her life into your and building you up throughout the entire internship.  As an intern, you will serve as a member of your mentor's staff team.  This team will be a major part of your day-to-day development in the program.

Q: Are there age limits?

A: We invite anyone who is at least 18 years of age to apply for Part-Time internships.  Full-Time internship applicants must be 20 years old or have completed a Part-Time internship.

Q: Is a married person eligible?

A: Yes.  However you will be responsible for securing your own housing.

Q: Where will I live?

A: If you have a housing option near your assigned campus then you are free to secure your own housing.  If you are in need of housing, there are "Host Families" available through your assigned Oakbrook Campus and an Oakbrook Ministries Residency House available at no charge.

Q: What will I need to bring?

A: A Bible or smartphone with the Bible App, Spending money for personal items and food expenses outside of meals provided at the host home.  More specifics will be discussed during the application process.

Q: Will Oakbrook Church provide health insurance?

A: No, we do not provide health insurance to interns.  As an intern you have 2 options to consider in dealing with this.  You can stay on your parents health insurance plan or you can purchase your own through a private insurance company.  You can talk to our Executive Pastor and ask them for suggestions and recommendations once you've been accepted into the program.

Q: What is the financial investment?

A: Full-Time interns a total investment of $2,000 is due by the beginning of your internship.  PT internship has an investment of $200 due by the beginning of your internship.

Q: How can I afford the investment?

A: We understand budgets can be tight.  However, we feel this experiences is worth every penny of the investment.  You will have fun, learn, serve and be inspired and challenged.  It will change your life.  So, we encourage you to save money, do fundraisers, ask for donations and get creative with your raising money!  The return on your investment will be huge.  Every single dollar you invest into your internship goes back into your development.