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There's a kid in your life you care about. It might be your own child. Maybe it's someone in the class you teach at school or on the team you coach. It could be a kid in your youth group or someone in your neighborhood. I don't know who it is, but that kid needs someone they can look up to. Someone who sincerely cares about them. They need someone to help them discover how great they are, how gifted they are and how bright a future they can have. You are that person but you need to learn how to connect with them in a way that will equip them to enter their future with hope. That's where KIDUnique comes in play.

KIDUnique is a workshop with Dan Webster that explores the truths, principles, and practices that transform a relationship with a kid.  

Every adult walks away from this experience with:

  • Knowing how to get and stay closer to the kid you care about, whether six or sixteen.
  • With a working knowledge of four-window model that can transform your relationship with your kid.
  • With a simple system for gathering core truths about your kid and how to interact with him or her about them.
  • With a workbook that is both a guide and journal to track discoveries and insights.

The KidUnique workshop is for parents, grandparents or any adults that have kids in their lives they care about.

Registration & doors open at 8:00am
Event is from 8:30-Noon

Single: $35 - Couple: $45

Earlier Event: January 24
Later Event: February 27
Date Night