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Bigstuf Student Camp 2019

The Summer Should Not Be Wasted

Everything starts somewhere. The greatest movements and the biggest heroes all had a beginning. Before the success, before the fame, before the impact, there was a time when someone dared to be an original. They dared to do something that had never been done, make something that had never been made, go somewhere that no one had gone before.

Those stories are what BigStuf 2018 is about. Because whether we realize it or not, we are originals. And we have a story. And our story not only tells us who we are, but clues us into where we’re headed. This summer, discover what it means to live like an original. We can’t wait because here’s one thing we know: originals change the world.


When: June 20 - June 24
Where: Panama City Beach, FL
Cost: $500/student


Q: What are the ages for bigstuf Camp?
A: Bigstuf is for students aged between a graduated 6th grader and a graduated 12th grader

Q: Are there discounts or scholarships available?
A: We have put together some great ways to offset the cost of camp.  Our student Pastor Niko Gruber will be filling in parents and students how they can do this and resource them with the tools to do so!

Q: What is the rooming situation?
A: Everyone stays in hotel rooms in beds.

Q: What is the address and Phone of where the camp is held?
A: Boardwalk Beach Resort Hotel
9600 S Thomas Dr
Panama City Beach, FL 32408

Q: What should my student pack?
A: Students need to bring beach towels, sunscreen, water bottles, flip flops, bathing suit, shorts, tshirts, Bibles & journals.  Bed linens & bath towels are provided in the hotel rooms.  Students may also want to bring extra spending money for snacks, arcade games & the Bigstuf store.

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