The Counseling Center at Oakbrook Church

By providing a safe atmosphere, our Master's trained counselors develop nurturing relationships offering compassion and care.

They come alongside during difficult situations, helping to ease overwhelming or isolating feelings that rob you of satisfaction and enjoyment.  Within this trusting relationship, you can gain understanding and strength to deal with difficulties and discover new ways of being and relating that transform you and your relationships.


The Counseling Center at Oakbrook Church is staffed by Friends Counseling with locations in Kokomo, Wabash & Marion.


To schedule an appointment, please call 877.350.1658 or email

SeRvices & Counselors

Our counselors care about the whole person--emotions, body and spirit.  Each counselor has a personal commitment to Christ and provides faith-based perspectives only when it is desired.  The Christian faith is not imposed on anyone.

For a full list of services and counselors available in Kokomo please visit the link below:

These services are provided in Kokomo by Friends Counseling Center.  As a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Wabash Friends Church, the fees are affordable and are on a sliding scale basis.  They accept most insurance plans, employee assistance plans and Medicaid (Traditional Medicaid, MD Wise HIP, Anthem, and Managed Health Care). Scheduling and payments are handled directly through the Wabash Friends Counseling Center.

Having worked together with thousands of children, adults, couples and families, we are grateful to be a vital part of restoring lives to have the meaning, joy, and productivity that we were created for by God.