We Make It Public

The Gospel is too good and too important to be kept private.  We embody God’s intentions for the world in the way that we live our lives.  So, we invite everyone to see who Jesus is.  We do it through our words and our actions.

We All Do Something

The church is a movement of people who are so curious about who Jesus and so compelled by what He’s doing that we have to take action.  We all have a part to play in accomplishing the mission of the church.

We Never Stop Growing

We are a gathering of people who are continually in process.  We’re never finished growing into all that God has created and called us to be.  We take next steps to continue following Jesus.

We Live Life Together

We belong to each other. Community isn’t easy but is necessary. We rest in the comfort of one another and challenge each other to grow together.

We Live Open Handed

We don’t cling tightly to our resources, time and giftedness. God gave it all to us for the good of us all.