Ready to Have Some Fun?

When you think about what it means to follow Jesus, being the BEST at having FUN is probably not what comes to your mind.  We are about to change that.  For these 3 weeks, we learn what it means to really PLAY, why God is all about PLAY, and how PLAY should be a central part of your life.


Week 1 - pressPLAY  WATCH

Is this really a series at church about PLAY?  What's the point of that?

Week 2 - downPLAY  WATCH 

What fills your bucket?  What empties your bucket?  If you don't know, you're probably dangerously low.

Week 3 - rePLAY  WATCH

Learn to PLAY again, that space starts with REST.  But not just rest for rest's sake, it's finding your place to connect with God.