If you've reached this page, you may be looking for our services streamed live online.

We initially began streaming our services live online for families who couldn't make it to church due to illness or other circumstances and for people who don't attend church, but wanted to check out our experience before setting foot through our doors.

After much conversation, we are going to stop streaming our services online.

There are several reasons we came to this decision, but the most important is this:  
We put a high value on your weekend attendance at church.  

Physically attending church allows you to be in community with other people who are growing in their faith and allows your kids to be in age-appropriate environments where they can learn about who Jesus is in a way that they understand.

When we gather together, God meets us in a unique way.  We experience worship differently in a room together than we do in front of a computer screen.  In fact, when Jesus chose to reveal God to us, he didn't just send us a message or even a messenger--He came in person.  We want to follow after him together by meeting in person on Sunday mornings.

For those who do happen to miss a Sunday, we will continue to post video of each week's message along with video of the full service on our website by Monday. We will also share videos and special elements from our services through social media so that you can invite your friends and family to join in with what God is doing at Oakbrook.