DECEMBER 4 | START A READING PLAN (and a bonus activity!)


The first activity to help you and your family celebrate Christmas is to pick out a Bible reading plan to use this Advent season.  Reading the Bible as a family is a great way to discover together how to follow Jesus on a daily basis. We can learn how to live like Jesus by finding our place in His story.

A great Bible for kids is the Jesus Storybook Bible.  It tells the story of beneath all of the other stories of the Bible. At the center of the Story is a baby, the child upon whom everything will depend—Jesus, who's birth we celebrate this season. Since so many families already use the Jesus Storybook Bible, click the button below to get a reading plan!

Another great way to read the Bible as a family is to start a reading plan online!  You can download the Bible app for your phone, get daily reminders to do your reading and even have prewritten devotional materials to talk through.  Click the button below to view plans of various lengths that focus on the Christmas season.


On this first day of the calendar, we've got a BONUS activity for you.  On Sunday, we passed out invitation cards to our Christmas experiences.  Every year, God uses these experiences to draw people to himself.  Sometimes, all it takes for someone to have a life changing experience is a simple ask.

Today, as a family, think of some people you can invite to one of our four Christmas experiences. Then, ask them!  You never know what God might do. It could be a friend from school, your neighbor, a coworker or even someone you just happen to bump into.  Upstreet will be offered at all four experiences, so you know that whoever you invite is going to have an awesome time!

You can get invite cards at the church on Sunday, or reserve seats for our Christmas experiences at or by stopping by the church office.

Remember to mark off the date on the calendar once you've done the activity!  Check back tomorrow for day 2!