We are so excited for you to join us for our Child Dedication this Mother’s Day!  Our child dedication will start off with a celebration for your family and friends on Saturday, May 12.  Then, we’ll continue to celebrate during our Sunday morning service on May 13 by bringing your family on stage to affirm your public declaration and pray for your family.  

Here are some details:

Family and Friends Celebration: Saturday, May 12 (More details coming soon...)

Public Dedication:  Sunday, May 13 during our 10 a.m. Service

Homework: Please watch the 2 videos below.  

The "homework" below is meant to help you engage in your child's dedication.  The first video will ask you to write down a few words that you’d like to be true of your son or daughter as they grow up. We invite you to turn those words into a letter written to your child, that you’ll share with you friends and family during the breakfast.  Some families have had each person who attended the breakfast write a short note to the child right on the letter to make a very special keepsake for the morning.  

The second video asks you to be intentional about who you invite to the morning and to think now about who you’d like to have influencing your child as they grow.

Please watch the two videos in the order below:

Watch First

Watch Second

What do I need to bring to Child Dedication?
Besides your child and any family and friends, please bring a copy of your printed "homework" letter.  

How many people can I invite to breakfast?
We will reserve tables with chairs for you and your family, so please let us know how many to expect.  Most people invite around 5-10 guests. We will follow up with you before the event to confirm your head count.

Is there an age limit?
No.  Anyone raising kids is welcome to participate.

What is the cost?
This is a free event that Oakbrook Kids is excited to provide for you!

Is this the same as infant baptism?
No.  Child dedication is an opportunity for parents to publicly declare their desire to raise their child in the local church and to help them know and love Jesus!  It’s a special opportunity for your church family to affirm your decision and pray for your child and family!

Will my family go on stage?
Yes.  We will call parents and their children on stage during the adult service.

Can I check my child into Oakbrook Kids after the dedication?
Yes. Just head back to the kids hallway any time and we'll get you all set!

Please RSVP for Child Dedication using the button below by May 6: